Paper Weaving

Using paper scraps to weave a piece of art embodies the essence of giving the best of yourself when only remnants remain. Much like the concept of scrap blankets in fiber art, where leftover yarn is transformed into something beautiful without adhering to a set pattern, weaving with paper scraps requires ingenuity and creativity. It symbolizes making the most out of what's left, weaving together disparate pieces into a cohesive whole. This process mirrors the resilience and resourcefulness needed in life when faced with limitations or challenges. By embracing the fragments and weaving them together with care and intention, one can create something truly remarkable, demonstrating that even in scarcity, beauty and meaning can be found.

NETWORK (2024) Recycled magazine pages, Framed

SCRAPS 3 (2024), Book Pages and Newspaper Framed, 42x36

SCRAPS 4 (2024), Book Pages and Newspaper Framed, 28x35

SCRAPS 8 (2024), Book Pages and Newspaper Framed, 35x32

SCRAPS 10 (2024), Book Pages and Newspaper Framed, 41x35