Taelor Fisher

(b. 1990, Dallas, TX) Taelor Fisher, a mixed media artist holding a B.A. in Art History from Southern Methodist University, delves into the intricate tapestry of contemporary motherhood, while navigating the complexities of managing a chronic invisible illness that disrupts her autonomic nervous system. Her artistic practice explores therapeutic fiber techniques, illuminating the journey towards positive mental health experiences, and unraveling the historically symbiotic relationship between caretaking and cloth making.

From a distance, Fisher's colorful and patterned pieces may initially evoke the impression of a textile. However, upon closer inspection, viewers are enveloped in a kaleidoscope of materials and texture. Drawing inspiration from her personal odyssey through motherhood and her ongoing battle with an invisible chronic illness known as POTS, Fisher channels her experiences into repetitive and therapeutic fiber-inspired creations, employing recycled and readily available materials. This deliberate choice mirrors the resourcefulness inherent in the daily lives of mothers, who adeptly make the most of what is at hand. Her predilection for working with paper serves as a poignant metaphor for her self-identity — delicate by circumstance, yet strong by necessity.

Every finished piece serves as a tangible repository of time, labor, ingenuity, and Fisher's relentless pursuit of nervous system regulation. Through her art, she endeavors to delve into the psychological nuances of transforming adversity into inspiration and opportunity, fostering a positive impact on both herself and her audience. Fisher's studio practice transcends mere artistic expression; it becomes a sanctuary for her, a therapeutic conduit through which she navigates the waters of motherhood and her health journey, finding solace and empowerment amidst the creative process.

In addition to her studio practice, Fisher is deeply passionate about teaching art and connecting with others who are navigating their own journeys. Fisher brings her expertise and personal experiences to the forefront, guiding and inspiring individuals on their creative paths. Her commitment to fostering a supportive community underscores her belief in the transformative power of art as a tool for healing and self-discovery. Whether through workshops or collaborative projects, Fisher seeks to cultivate spaces where individuals can explore, express, and ultimately find solace in the therapeutic process of art making.