Taelor Fisher

(b. 1990, Dallas, TX) Taelor Fisher is a painter and fiber artist with a B.A. in Art History from Southern Methodist University. Her work investigates access to personal experience, the history of cloth, and the interaction of color. 

From a distance, Fisher's paintings appear to be monochromatic or simple, however, when viewed closely, the viewer can see the multiplicity of materials, textures, and palettes layered to produce the illusion of balance and harmony. Inspired by her experience entering into motherhood and living daily with chronic illness, she begins her process by dying and cutting collections of daily personal drawings and journal entries, then arranging and pasting them onto the canvas. These records live as a visual library of color, texture, and pattern beneath the laborious intersecting layers. The interruptions create tension and balance, giving a glimpse of the collage underneath. The finished piece provides a harmonious representation of an individual's efforts to conceal or expose their public and private life. 

Fisher creates her paper sculptures by spinning her paintings and journal entires into paper thread. She then crochets each spool into small shapes of cloth, piecing them together to visualize records of time, labor, and experience. 


Fisher's work has been collected publicly and privately across the country, and featured in multiple print and online publications. In 2018, she was commissioned by Neiman Marcus and The House of Creed to create a painting inspired by their new women’s fragrance, Floralie. This campaign focused on the idea of the strong historical relationship between Flowers and Art. The product and painting can be seen in every Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Creed Boutiques across the United States and France.

Photography by Kate Iwanski