Taelor Fisher

Fisher’s desire to be surrounded by an abundance of the overgrown while bordered by city life, encourages her to create lush, colorful, and structured compositions that represent the dichotomy of man-made vs nature.. Fisher pieces together botanical inspired marks and geometric lines and shapes to recreate the experience of bringing nature into spaces and how we perceive it through a barrier, like a wall or a window.

Her work has been collected publicly and privately across the country, and featured in multiple print and online publications. In 2018, she was commissioned by Neiman Marcus and The House of Creed to create a painting inspired by their new women’s fragrance, Floralie. This campaign focused on the idea of the strong historical relationship between Flowers and Art. The product and painting can be seen in every Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Creed Boutiques across the United States and France. 

Photography by Kate Iwanski